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October 30th (7-11pm) and 31st (4-6pm and 7-11pm)
at Domino’s Farms Petting Farm
3001 Earhart Rd., Ann Arbor

Announcing special guest VIOLIN MONSTER prowling our show during Friday night and Saturday day's shows!



This October 30 & 31, Ann Arbor Civic Theatre and Dexter Community Players present HALLOWEEN DRIVE located at the The Petting Farm at Domino's Farm.

At Halloween Drive you'll stay safely inside your vehicle and drive along a path around the Petting Farm. You'll stop three times to view a spooky theatrical scene brought to life by a host of local talent. In between the scenes, you'll also see Halloween decor and a few other surprises.

Join us this strange year for a Halloween event where the only thing you'll catch is Halloween spirit - Halloween Drive!

Written by Brodie H. Brockie
Produced by Patty Mazzola

HALLOWEEN DRIVE consists of:

The Bitter & The Sweet
Directed by Rob Roy
Choreography by Zoe Van Slooten
A trio of witches use black magic and the power of rock to summon a hoarde of zombies.

Invasion Halloween
Directed by Ron Baumanis
The audience is transported into a 1950s B-Movie complete with alien invaders.

The Dance of Death
Directed by Brodie H. Brockie
Choreography by Lily Gechter
A lover in mourning visits their lost love's grave on the night of the Totentanz -when the spirits of the departed return to the land of the living to cavort.

PLUS: plenty of surprises along the way!